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Why Do Some Poor Kids Thrive?

Despite the challenge of growing up in tough areas with few resources, thousands of inner city kids manage to excel academically. But even some students who seem to thrive early on run a significant risk of faltering on their quest for college degrees or the elite jobs they once envisioned. So what’s the deciding factor behind kids who meet their potential and those who wind up falling short?

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Teen Girls More Stressed Than Boys: Survey

Parents say their teenage daughters have higher levels of stress than their teen sons, citing causes such as college prep tests and poor body image, a WebMD survey shows.

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Effects of Pornography on Adolescents

Pornography has significant effects during all stages of family life. For a child exposed to pornography within a family setting, pornography causes stress and increases the risk for developing negative attitudes about the nature and purpose of human sexuality.

For adolescents who view pornography, their attitudes toward their own and others’ sexuality change, and their sexual expectations and behavior are shaped accordingly.


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Could Fathers Be Key to Preventing Bullying?

by Anna Sutherland | @annams59

  • Parents’ behavior and example influence children’s likelihood of bullying.
  • Indirect evidence suggests good dads might be key to preventing kids from becoming bullies.


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Parenting: German for “Misery”

by Melissa Langsam Braunstein | @slowhoneybee

  • According to a new German study, parenthood is worse for personal happiness than divorce and unemployment.
  • Less happy new parents are less likely to have a second child. Is that why some nations’ fertility rates are so low?

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How Couples Resolve Conflicts over Childbearing

by Laurie DeRose

When he wants to have a child and she doesn’t, who gets their way? It depends–but the answer isn’t about gender.

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